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What better way to see some beautiful, exciting and diverse countryside than by cycling in Asia. Whether you are looking for a fast paced tour, a more leisurely bike trip, or perhaps a combination of cycling and relaxation, you will be able to experience a side to countries in Asia rarely seen on 2 wheels. Traditional villages, bustling markets, mountain passes, verdant jungle and coastal roads, all are available to explore, and at your own pace.

Action Sport Asia represents cycling companies in Asia whom offer a range of guided cycling tours and day trips throughout the region.  We ourselves are avid cycling fans, and have uploaded a database of routes for cycling in Thailand for those who own their own bikes, equipment and transportation.  Check out our cycling day trips in Thailand section includes a database of trails located within 3 hours of Bangkok from where Action Sport Asia are based.  Or you can book a trip through one of the many cycling tour companies in Asia, where you will be joined by experts who take you on marked out routes, anything between a few days and a few weeks. These are popular cycling tours, and you can decide upon a number of routes and skill levels depending on your requirements.

Among the cycling tour companies in Asia we represent, tour operators such as Amazing Bike Tours offer cycling tours in Southern Thailand in destinations such as Krabi, Phuket, Khao Sok and more.  If you crave an adrenaline rush then head to Chiang Mai where downhill mountain biking in Chiang Mai is offered by X-Biking Chiang Mai.  Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are popular regions for cycling in Thailand and Active Thailand is another operator offering numerous cycling tours in this region.  For road cycling fans, Siam Bike Tours which is based in Phuket in Southern Thailand offers multi day road cycling tours in Thailand, lasting between 3 and 10 days and taking in amazing scenery throughout the kingdom.  If you are heading to Koh Samui then Samui Bicycle Tours offers visitors cycling trips around this island.  Indochina Countryside is a cycling tour company in Vietnam offering guided tours in Vietnam as well as the Indochina region which includes Laos and Cambodia.

Follow our Cycling in Thailand blog and let us know of any cycling tracks and trips you wish to share or we will gladly assist with any cycling inquiries you have, or for more information about our cycling partners, view the menu on the left.

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