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Cycling Tours in Southern Thailand

See the side of Thailand rarely seen and get the real experience of this incredible country with Amazing Bike Tours.  Bike tours in Thailand are often an overlooked pastime but there is an incredible array of scenery to be seen and wonderful people to be met on 2 wheels.

The idea behind Amazing Bike Tour trips is to provide everybody who joins the cycling tours in Thailand the opportunity to meet local people, experience Thai culture, enjoy the amazing array of cuisine available and most importantly, do it all by bike, travelling at a pace suited to you.  Cycling tours can be customized to meet your requirements and Amazing Bike Tours offer tours in a variety of locations, from Koh Yao, Krabi, Khao Sok as well as the beautiful countryside in Phuket from which Amazing Bike Tours are based. Amazing Bike Tours also offers a road cycling tour from Bangkok to Phuket allowing participants to experience the diverse countryside and culture in Thailand.

A summary of the tours on offer from Amazing Bike Tours are below, or if you are not sure what tour you are interested in, simply fill in the form and Action Sport Asia can put you in contact with Amazing Bike Tours directly. Whether you join a group cycling tour in Thailand or arrange a private bike trip in Asia, Amazing Bike Tours will do everything in their power to make your trip a memorable one.  Amzing Bike Tours offer an entire suited tailored to your needs, you will be picked up from your Phuket hotel, an experienced English speaking guide with intimate knowledge of the area will we be on hand, and support vehicles are available for longer cycling tours in Southern Thailand.

Cycling Tours Include:

Cycling in Krabi Cycling in Krabi is a memorable experience. Krabi is one of Thailand’s most beautiful and geographically striking provinces, the area is famous for its lime stone karsts that rise dramatically from land and sea. The area boasts beautiful countryside and many small villages making it a perfect location for cycling tours.  Check out the cycling tours in Krabi.

Bike Trips in Koh Yao Koh Yao Noi (Little Long Island) and Koh Yao Yai (Big Long Island) are two sleepy islands still enjoying a slow pace of life located in Phang Nga Bay, only 1 hours boat ride away from the international resort island of Phuket.  View details of the bike tours in Koh Yao.

Thai Muang Turtles Thai Muang is a small Thai coastal town on the Andaman Coast in between Phuket and Khao Lak, despite have great coast line, deserted beaches, National Parks and waterfalls in the vicinity it is very much over looked by the mass tourists as the majority are on their way to Krabi, Phuket or Kao Lak.

Bangkok to Phuket Road Cycling Tour This road cycling tour from the capitol of Bangkok all the way to Phuket in Southern Thailand consists of impressive scenery, plenty of tropical beaches on the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman coasts, and great variety throughout. The tour is 10 days and 9 nights with 8 days of cycling and 1 rest day inbetween. The tour will take you through small villages, past salt flats, shrimp farms, coconut plantations, temples and waterfalls.  See our Bangkok to Phuket road cycling tour here.

Many more tours and additional information are available on the Amazing Bike Tours website. Please visit the official Amazing Bike Tours website.  If you have any questions or want to contact Amazing Bike tours directly, please fill in the quick inquiry form.

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