Zipline in Asia

Ziplining (also known as a Flying Fox) has become a popular activity for people looking for an adrenaline rush as for people with an interest in the flora and fauna of a rainforest where most zipline companies operate from. Ziplining was made popular in Central America, in particular Costa Rica where easily accessible rainforests became home to ziplines of various lengths and difficulty levels offering people of all ages to enjoy the activity. Ziplining consists of a pulley suspended on a cable elevated from anything between 10-40m above the floor, and allows a person to glide down the cable via the pulley from one platform to another using gravity to determine the speed.

More recently, zipline in Asia has become popular with a number of operators offering a range of activities focused around ziplining. Learning about the environment is an integral part of ziplining in Asia and generally a half day or full day trip would include tours to learn about conservation of the surrounding rainforests of the particular location. Some operators will also offer other outdoor activities such as rafting or mountain biking, a perfect day out for outdoor enthusiasts.

Safety may be a concern to some people however operators pride themselves on 100% safety records and international standards. Flight of the Gibbon, the leading zipline company in Asia for example also has a team of international engineers to ensure that all guests are in safe hands throughout and are taken care of by a team of Sky Rangers. Flight of the Gibbon has bases in Chiang Mai, near Bangkok and Pattaya as well as in Cambodia. Their tours are suitable for people ages 5+ and a percentage of the fee goes towards rainforest conservation and Gibbon rehabilitation.