Mountain Biking Around Mae Jo

Description Details
Trail Name: Mae Jo Jungle
Trail Location: Huai Cho Resevoir, Mae Jo
Trail Type: Single track
Trail Difficulty: Easy

To: Mae Jo Jungle

Mae Jo is located North East of Chiang Mai and features numerous rolling wooded hills, which are dotted with MTB trails. This particular page focuses on the Mae Jo Jungle trail but there are literally dozens of marked trails heading into the hills waiting to be explored. The Mae Jo Jungle trail is a relatively short loop, just 6km in length from the lake or just over 5km from the trail head but it is a fun bit of single track with a mixture of terrains with plenty of roots, rocks, gravel and dirt to test your skills.

It is pretty easy going throughout with no steep assents or descents but there are a few sections you can build up some decent speed and it is a good trail for timing yourself on and practicing your MTB skills over the undulating terrain. If you’re short on time or looking for a gentle ride it is a nice option and the surrounding scenery is nice. If you’re looking for MTB in Mae Jo this is a good option, and it is possible to extend it by adding on one of the many other trails nearby, which offer tougher climbs and faster downhills.

Getting There

From Chiang Mai City Centre, take the 107 highway or 1001 highway depending on your location and head North, if you’re on the 107 you will have to eventually get on the 1001 so take the 127 road heading in an Easterly direction until you join the 1001 highway and continue heading North until you reach Mae Jo University. From here you need to head further East, there is no major road so it is best to use a GPS and look for Huai Cho resevoir which is to the left of the much larger Mae Kuang resevoir.

There are few convenience stores past the University so it is best to stock up before you leave, there is space around the resevoir to park the car and it is the most convenient place to start cycling from.