Doi Suthep Downhill Trail

Description Details
Trail Name: ATV Trail
Trail Location: Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai
Trail Type: Downhill
Trail Difficulty: Technical

To: ATV Trail

ATV Trail

If you are looking for a technical downhill in Chiang Mai, perhaps the most challenging trail in the area is the ATV Trail. Starting at ‘sam yeak’ (3 way junction) on Doi Suthep follow the paved road towards the Hmong village for 200m keeping an eye out for the trailhead which descends rapidly into the forest.

The first section is steep yet smooth but you will soon comes to the steepest section which requires a good line, confidence and good ability to ride down. The trail also consists of several rock gardens, smooth and fast single track and quite a few deep ruts and roots. The ATV trail is a great test of ability and an exhilarating run to the bottom.  Rainy season can be particularly challenging, especially on the upper sections but as you reach a lower elevation the trail eases to an extent.

The exit point is on the road near Doi Kham to the South of Doi Pui and several kilometers from town. It is worthwhile stopping off at one of the many coffee shops on the way back for a drink or a bite to eat and depending on your energy there will be plenty of time for another run. There are several downhill specialists that will take groups on this technical downhill in Chiang Mai such as Trailhead Thailand, please contact us for more information or check out our other cycling trails in the region.