ATV in Asia

An ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle can also be defined as a quad or three wheeler and is designed to handle a wide variety of terrain and since the humble beginnings of use in the military and later on use in industry such as agriculture, ATV riding has since evolved into a popular hobby and activity for outdoor enthusiasts. ATV racing is also popular in North America and the UK with numerous quad racing clubs as well as the ATV National Motocross Championship, which was formed around 1985.

There are a number of ways to enjoy ATV in Asia, whether it be through a ATV club or through a tour company. The latter is perhaps the easiest way as there are a number of quad tour companies in Asia offering exciting guided tours, allowing guests to see a wide variety of scenery that otherwise may have been inaccessible. Depending on the location, riding an ATV in Asia can take you deep in jungle interiors or across flat plains or even sandy coastal areas. ATV tour companies can generally offer flexible tours to cater for the needs of the customer, whether it be a one hour skirmish in the countryside or even a tour lasting several days. Some ATV’s are even child friendly so they can be enjoyed as a family.

Generally, no experience is needed to ride an ATV and tour companies will give guests a quick briefing and ride test to ensure the rider can handle the ATV. The controls are very simple, modern ATV’s are often automatic so there is no need to worry about manual transmission and the accelerator can be controlled either via a thumb mechanism or via the hand grip. In terms of safety, quad biking does present some dangers as with all outdoor activities, ATV tour companies should always provide a helmet and guides should be experienced riders as well as trained in wilderness first aid because of the dangers in more remote areas.

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