Adventure Parks in Thailand

Adventure parks are popular across the world over for people of all ages and Thailand is getting in on the act with a number of highly rated adventure parks throughout the country. Whether you are a family with young children, a company looking for a team building activity, or an individual looking for an adrenaline rush, Thailand has something to cater for all tastes.

Adventure Parks in Thailand cover a number of genres, in Bangkok there are a number of themed adventure parks such as Dream World, catering for the younger generation and family or school groups. Dream World is split into a number of themed zones, each with their own attractions and rides. Another popular adventure park in Bangkok is Suan Siam, a water park located on the edge of the city. Suan Siam or Siam Park City is again popular with younger children as the attractions are not particularly terrifying, however the park makes for a welcome break for the heat of the city and there is enough to keep you occupied for an afternoon. Safari World is another adventure park in Bangkok, this time following the African safari theme and guests can drive around the park to view the animals, most of which roam freely.

For water sport enthusiasts more adventure parks include Fantasia Lagoon Water Park, a relatively unknown water park to foreigners situated on the rooftop of the Mall Bangkae. A similar water park can be found on the roof of Central Bangna, which again is not well known to foreigners but it is an affordable excursion for an afternoon. Pattaya Park is an adventure park located between Pattaya city and Jomtien. The park consists of a number of slides, pools, a revolving restaurant, and other amusements making it especially popular among tourists.

Team building activities are increasing in popularity and there are a number of adventure parks in Thailand that cater for this. Beyond Limits Challenge Park is also located in the Pattaya area and is a new concept in inspiring adventure through a number of obstacles such as swings, walls, ziplines and more, and is designed to encourage people to work together to complete the obstacles. Another adventure park designed for corporate groups, team building events and parties is Boomerang Rock Climbing and Adventure Park located in Chiang Rai.