Fitness Camps in Asia

A fitness camp or boot camp is a physical training program designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of rigorous sessions over a period of time. More recently fitness camps have become popular for people looking to lose weight in a relatively short period of time.

Boot camps generally start with stretching and running, followed by a range of interval training. This includes weight lifting, pushups, sit-ups, plyometrics and numerous other explosive routines. Often a yoga session will end the training to allow for additional post-exercise stretching.

Fitness camps in Asia are becoming more popular as modern lifestyles often mean that work commitments and lifestyle choices get in the way of general every day fitness. Such fitness camps are popular aspeople tend to be in groups and so the camaraderie and bonding can help each member get a little more out of each session thus see greater results. Boot camps are more often than not held outside, another appeal to visiting a camp in Asia, and areas such as beaches, parks and mountains are used to good effect.

As people are seeking different ways to exercise, socialize and lose weight, fitness camps in Asia are rising in popularity. More often than not people will become bored at their local gym, and without any social support quickly quit something that is mildly tiring. Having an instructor pushing them with a variety of different techniques combined with the support of those around them is a big benefit as to why fitness camps in Asia are becoming more appealing.

Other factors include mental health. Regular aerobics can help reduce high blood pressure, hypertension and reduce stress. Aerobics is often a big part of a fitness camp in Asia and so this combined with more rigorous routines has multiple benefits for those taking part. Another reason why many more people are choosing to come to Asia is to combine the boot camp with a short vacation, why not choose a beautiful location to lose weight and get fit?!

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