Bangkok Jungle

Description Details
Trail Name: Bangkok Jungle
Trail Location: Bangkok
Trail Type: Elevated lanes, road, some dirt trails
Trail Difficulty: Easy

To: Bangkok Jungle

Known to few outsiders and even many locals of Bangkok is an oasis of calm and serenity known as Bang Kra Jao, or simple known as the Bangkok jungle to many. This wilderness in the heart of Bangkok can be reached by longtail boat (20 THB per person/ 20 THB per bike) via Klong Toey and amazingly it has been largely untouched by developers.

There is a maze of elevated paths meandering through the coconut plantations, local communities, temples and crisscrossing numerous canals and waterways. There is even a small floating market open on weekends selling a delicious array of food and snacks and selling small souvenirs. The Sri Narkon park is a nice place to stop and relax and there is also some interesting architecture along the way.

There are dozens of different routes to take, and perhaps the best thing to do is to explore whatever route takes your fancy, the best thing about Bang Kra Jao is the lack of traffic so it is perfectly safe for cyclists of all ages, however it is recommended only confident cyclists tackle the raised paths as they are only 1m in width with no barriers. People falling off the edge are not an uncommon sight, although the most likely damage will be a bruised ego!

There are no hills and so a 25km cycle is easy to manage and will take in most of the sights of Bang Kra Jao. There are also a number of cycling tour operators in Bangkok that can provide bikes, refreshments and a guide for peace of mind. Please fill in the form below if you require more information.