Doi Suthep Downhill Trail

Description Details
Trail Name: Bamboo Trail
Trail Location: Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai
Trail Type: Downhill
Trail Difficulty: Hard

To: Bamboo Trail

The famous Bamboo Trail is synonymous with Doi Suthep dowhill trails

The Bamboo trail is one of the most popular downhill trails in Chiang Mai for good reason, this 6km trail is fast and furious and unfortunately before you know it, you’re already at the bottom of the mountain. To get there, take a Songteaw from Huay Kaeo Aboretum for around 300-400THB up to Bhubing Palace. The trail head is actually just before the palace but it is unmarked and the Songteaw will need somewhere to pull over to get the bikes out, usually at the sala before reaching the palace. Head back down the hill about 500m, hop over the railing and the trail starts.

The downhill trail is perfect for MTB enthusiasts to test their skills with 6km of downhill consisting of jumps, berms, rock gardens, dirt trails and through bamboo gardens as the name suggests. The start begins with a series of jumps and with the smooth (or not so smooth depending on time of year) trail you can get some good speed for serious air. This section is in various states of disrepair throughout the year and is best in the dry season. The trail twists and turns with very few places to stop and catch your breath but the trail is not as steep as others in the area so if you are new to downhill this is perhaps a good trail to start on. It is also suitable for hardtails for those who can brave the rocks and ruts. If you’re looking for an easily accessible place to go mountain biking, this Doi Suthep downhill trail is a good choice and exits relatively close to Chiang Mai University with some nice coffee shops to stop off at. If you want to do this trail as part of a guided tour, Trailhead Thailand are a leading company offering MTB tours in Chiang Mai or you can contact us with any questions.