Thailand Scuba Diving

Thailand scuba diving has become extremely popular, thanks to the crystal clear waters, diversity of sea life and, of course, the friendly hospitality of the Thai people. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver there is something for everyone for scuba diving in Thailand. There are multi of courses to suit every level, and you can choose exactly what kind of underwater adventure you want. Choose between half day trips, day long excursions with lunch and relaxation included, and a week or two on a liveaboard- boats that include berth, catering, equipment and professional dive master. Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed. Thailand scuba diving can be enjoyed throughout the year in destinations such as Pattaya or Koh Chang, whilst the more impressive West coast is best from December – April.

The best scuba diving spots in Thailand are focussed on two areas. You can dive on both east and west coast, although the most spectacular diving is in the Andaman Sea on the west. Optimum time is between December – April – however during the rainy season between May and October the diving on the east in the Gulf of Thailand is preferable.

The Andaman Sea has some phenomenal scuba diving spots for you to explore. Visit Koh Lanta, which is surrounded by several of the best scuba diving spots in Thailand, such as Hin Daeng, home to leopard sharks, morays, barracuda and stunning carpets of coral. Koh Phi Phi has a reputation for fantastic marine life- black tip reef sharks are regular visitors, and the island itself has a laid back and friendly atmosphere. The Similan Islands are world renowned, and are breathtaking in their variety of marine life seen through crystal clear water, as are the Surin Islands, famous fr the regular sightings of Whale Sharks. The Mu Koh Surin archipelago is also famous for its live aboard diving trips which can last for several days. Koh Lipe and its surrounding islands on the border with Malaysia offer another fantastic opportunity for diving.

In the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao stands out as the diving destination of choice, Koh Tao diving can be experienced through multi activity resorts such as Good Time Adventures, which combine diving with activities such as rock climbing, another popular activity in Koh Tao. Scuba diving in Chumphon is another popular location, with it’s relatively close location to Bangkok Chumphon is more convenient being a mainland location, the Chumphon pinnacle is also one of the most famous scuba diving spots in the region. Other locations are starting to attract diving fans such as diving in Koh Kood with Koh Kood Divers, which is an island located in Trat province, in the Koh Chang archipelago. This relatively unknown underwater paradise has only recently been discovered.

Wherever you choose to go, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. With its warm waters, tropical weather, amazing atmosphere and friendly people, you will fall in love with Thailand scuba diving.