Windsurfing in Asia

Windsurfing in Asia has become more and more popular as equipment prices have come down as the sport enters the mainstream. Many beach resorts will provide the basics should you wish to take off and enjoy the thrill of windsurfing, alternatively many reputable outlets provide courses whether you are a beginner or more advanced.

Perhaps the most popular region for windsurfing in Asia is Thailand, with plenty of locations on the East and West coast providing everything you need for a windsurfing holiday. Windsurfing in Thailand is focused on the tourist hotspots such as Pattaya, Phuket and Samui which offers great beaches and also consistent wind conditions for the majority of the year.

The Philippines with it’s 1000’s of islands offers an incredible opportunity for windsurfing, however with infrastructure more inclined to serve divers the best area is Boracay where there are a number of professional windsurfing schools.

Windsurfing is surprisingly easy and complete novices can be standing up and windsurfing in a couple of hours. The beauty of windsurfing is that it can be enjoyed in any conditions – strong winds are not required as technique is just as important in maintaining momentum. There are numerous windsurfing operations in the region, for any enquiries please contact us and we will put you in touch with a suitable operator.