Flowboarding in Asia

Flowboarding is a boardsport which has been growing in popularity and evolving since the 1980’s, incorporating a combination of surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Flowboarding involves riding on an artificial wave called sheet waves via a system patented by Wave Loch in California. Flowboarding has been growing in popularity all over the world with Flow Houses located from North America, Europe and more recently, flowboarding in Asia has taken off. Imagine not having to wait for the perfect swell or having to to travel hours to the nearest coastline or mountain to be able to test your ability and get your adrenaline fix. Wave Loch’s FlowRider provides an endless ride with the ability for athletes to perform a variety of tricks and carves.

The majority of Flowboarding fans are in the 13-29 year old category, however the appeal can extend to people of all ages with progression from complete beginner to being able to pull off a few tricks being quick. While some of the more advanced riders are driven by adrenaline and trick progression, others find enjoyment in a ride grounded in exercise. From a kickflip to a rodeo flip, flowboarding is quickly progressing and gaining traction around the globe. Flowboarding also makes for a great workout, toning a range of muscles throughout your body, whilst having maximum enjoyment at the same time!

Flowboarding in Asia is still a relatively new sport, however there are new operations opening all the time, from the first one, Flow House Bangkok to Wave House in Sentosa island in Singapore and more recently in Manila and Phuket. The first ride Flowriding can turn into a life-time addiction, as first-time riders become repeat riders, and repeat riders become lifetime loyalists.