Go Bangkok Tours

Go Bangkok Tours allows you to venture out onto the streets of Bangkok on a bicycle. A fantastic way to explore the amazing sights, sounds and smells that the ancient city of Bangkok has to offer. Travelling on a bicycle gives you the opportunity to explore and witness firs hand the people and culture that create the atmosphere of the wonderful city. With Go Bicycle Tours you’ll explore historic temples, vibrant and aromatic markets, intricate wildlife and amazing jungles. You’ll capture so much that will simply be missed travelling by taxi, tuk-tuk or the skytrain! Go Bangkok Tours has a number of options available to allow you to get the most out of your stay in Bangkok.

Guided Cycling Tours Around Bangkok

Allow one of our knowledgeable tour guides to reveal the hidden wonders and secrets of the diverse cultures that combine to create the majestic city of Bangkok. Experience the excitement of a lively and bustling city through the eye of our excellent tour guides. Witness all the sights, sounds and smells this great city has to offer, safe in the knowledge that with our guides’ intricate understanding of the city you won’t miss a single thing!

This is great for explorers that want the thrill of riding through the streets of Bangkok, but prefer a more structured approach with someone to show them exactly where to go and explain the different points of interest along the way. Find out more about guided cycling tours of Bangkok here.

GPS Self-Guided Cycling Tours of Bangkok

Unique to Go Bangkok Tours, guests can immerse themselves in a vibrant and bustling city environment by using a GPS Guidepad™ to navigate around the colourful city of Bangkok, without a guide!

Take the reins and hire one of Go Bangkok Tours bicycles equipped with a GPS Guidepad™ to lead your group around the city using GPS to stay on course and follow the pre-planned route.

The routes are well designed and easy to follow, but they do allow for unique interpretation, if you feel the urge to explore off the beaten track a little. When you reach each of the incredible stops along the route, the Go Guidepad™ gives detailed explanations of the nearby attractions. This fantastic opportunity is for the more adventurous explorers. Find out more about GPS Self-Guided Cycling Tours of Bangkok here.

Bike Rental in Bangkok

Create your own adventure and experience this wonderful culture on your own terms by taking complete control of your tour and going wherever you feel! For the more daring, Go Bangkok Tours have the option of simply renting a bicycle and creating your own adventure.

Go Bangkok Tours provides top of the range bicycles and allow you to set off into the city looking for breathtaking adventure and unforgettable experience. You’ll have all the freedom you want and be able to explore every nook and cranny this incredible city has to offer.

Bike rental in Bangkok is the best choice for intrepid explorers to observe each and every fascinating side of the capitol and there is no limit to what you might find and do! Find out more about bike rental in Bangkok here.

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