Thailand Kayaking

Ever thought about seeing Thailand in a completely different way, and getting the adrenaline pumping at the same time? Kayaking in Thailand is an amazing way to see some spectacular scenery, and is a pretty unique way of doing it too. Whether by sea or river, get lost amongst your thoughts as you paddle over crystal clear water under a tropical sun. Explore diverse countryside, verdant jungle, limestone cliffs, intricate sea caves and Mangrove swamps. Spot exotic wildlife, and discover a different side to Thailand as you observe from your canoe. Thailand kayaking is a completely different take on your average holiday!

There are lots of different ways to go kayaking in Thailand, and whatever your preference you’ll find something for you. It isn’t even something you need to be experienced in too- muscle power might be needed but it doesn’t have to be too strenuous, and just floating on the water as you take a break is more than enough reward. Simple day trips can take you around breathtaking rock formations and ‘hongs’ (or caves), especially around Krabi or Phuket.

Perhaps paddle your kayak along the river through one of the many National Parks throughout the country, taking in the stunning backdrop and interesting wildlife. If you fancy something a bit longer, then go on a kayaking tour.

These can be gentle affairs, accessible to all, which see you stop off at designated points to stay in guest houses over the period of a few days. Or if you’d prefer something a little less restrained, then enjoy the freedom of kayaking with nothing but a group of friends, a guide, and camping equipment (often provided by the tour operator). Thailand kayaking is absolutely unique, completely liberating and a fantastic form of transport, enabling you to escape the hordes of tourists on land and enjoy a more exciting yet tranquil adventure from the water.