Khao Yai Da

Description Details
Trail Name: Khao Yai Da
Trail Location: Rayong
Trail Type: Downhill
Trail Difficulty: Technical

To: Khao Yai Da

Khao Yai Da is likely seen by many people travelling to Koh Samet although no doubt often overlooked as visitors scramble to get to the island, however it is well known to local downhill enthusiasts in Rayong whom ensure it is well maintained.

Mountain biking at Khao Yai Da should not be considered by novices as it is a highly technical downhill track, with plenty of jumps, drop offs, slippery roots and rocks to navigate throughout. Some of the jumps are 6ft + and require several metres of clearance on the landing to cross over dry stream beds.

Along with nerves of steel you will also require a decent downhill bike to truly enjoy it, and downhill safety kit is recommended, some of the trees have padding to offer some protection, however it is unlikely this will be enough if you have a bad fall unprotected.

The trail at Khao Yai Da starts at a small pond at the bottom of the hill, which also serves as the car park area. From here cycle up the hill for 2km following the signs for Channel 5 and Channel 7 which have masts on the top of the hill. After a tough 1km slog, take the right turn for Channel 5 which takes you to the start of the trail.

From here it is a 2km run down the hill back to the car park through the forest, the track is well marked and the various jumps well maintained. Locals often go early morning or late evening so it is likely you will have the trail to yourself during the day. Mountain biking at Khao Yai Da makes for a great trip in Rayong and is 3 hours from Bangkok. Rayong is also home to a number of other downhill tracks designed by the keen cycling community.