Off Road Cycling Track in Bangkok

Club 11 is a well known cycling track in Bangkok among Thai cycling enthusiasts and a few expats who enjoy mountain biking but have no time to get out of the capitol.

In addition to cycling, BB gun and paint balling are popular at Club 11 and there is also a number of radio controlled car/boat enthusiasts who congregate around the reception area where there is a mini off road trail and a lake with a makeshift course for radio controlled boats.

Bangkok Cycling

Having lived in the area for several years I have been visiting Club 11 since I first heard about it and find it a good way to work out every so often when the gym and parks get a little monotonous. The trail is well maintained and recently it was extended from a 3km loop to 4.7 with a number of improvements made to the trail, including more berms, jumps and more open trails making it quicker and smoother getting around. The markings have also been updated so anyone new to the area will find the trail easily.

Club 11 Cycling Track

Usually the trail is close to empty at certain times of day, especially around midday when it is warmest but with plenty of cover the heat is usually bearable. The new updates include at the start of the trail, the road to Club 11 is now through the South of the army camp, so when you enter via Phahonyotin you continue around the roundabout and continue as far as the road goes before turning left, you will then go along a gravel track (perhaps it will be paved soon) and arrive at Club 11. The BB area is more self contained than before with its own parking area.

Bangkok Cycling Track

The start used to be quite slow and windy through a wooded area but this has been changed with a new route following approximately the same area but with wider trails, this then leads along a wall which is another new section before joining the more recognizable trail. The back of the trail has also been changed with a section added following what used to be a swampy area. This now has a long straight doubling back on itself with several decent jumps before again re-joining the more familiar central trail.

Club 11 in Bangkok

After a technical section through the trees you come out into the open area which leads back to the start where you can buy cold drinks and relax. Membership costs 300THB per year which includes 2 free sessions, you can do as many loops as you want and time yourself to set yourself challenges. Once you are a member you pay just 50THB per time but if you only intend to visit once or very occasionally then you can pay 100THB which is itself reasonable. There are cleaning facilities for your bike and what used to be a coffee shop is now a bike accessory shop so the area is certainly developing to cater to cyclists needs. To date there are no bike rental facilities which is a shame as few tourists would come to Thailand with their own bike but again this may change in the future.