Best MTB Tracks in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is widely considered the best area for mountain biking in Thailand and with seemingly endless mountain ranges in all directions it is easy to see why. But what are the best MTB tracks in Chiang Mai? Action Sport Asia looks at some of the contenders below.

Bamboo Trail
Arguably the most popular downhill trail in Chiang Mai, the Bamboo trail is 8km of pure downhill thrills and spills with a variety of man made jumps to play on, smooth flowy dirt singletrack and various rock gardens to test your skills. The Bamboo trail is also one of the more convenient trails to reach with the trailhead 3km past Doi Suthep and close to Bhuping Palace. The trail ends near Wat Umong, just South of Chiang Mai and conveniently close to some great coffee shops and eateries. Take a Songteaw from Chiang Mai zoo for around 300-500THB depending on the season.

Bamboo Trail Chiang MaiTaking off on a jump on the bamboo trail

ATV Trail

Another contender for the most popular downhill MTB trail in Chiang Mai, the ATV trail is longer at 9km in length and more technical than the Bamboo trail with much steeper sections and some brutal rock gardens to navigate. The trailhead starts at the ‘sam yeak’ junction, as you turn towards the Hmong village you will see the trail veer steeply off the road which marks the start. The trail ends several km South of Chiang Mai in the Hang Dong district so be prepared for a longer ride back into town.

ATV Trail Chiang MaiTough rock garden section on the ATV trail

Buddha Footprint

The Buddha Footprint trail combines more XC riding than most trails on Doi Pui with sections of tough climbing from the Hmong village on Doi Pui to reach the summit of Doi Pha Klong, a worthwhile effort for the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. From here it is generally double track downhill on dirt trails to the bottom with several small climbs. The trail ends at Mae Rim with a sidetrip to Sala Cafe recommended. From here there is a fantastic XC single track to Huay Tung Tao lake a few km North of Chiang Mai and a wonderful place for a spot of lunch and a beer. This trail is 30km so take enough food and snacks for a few hours riding.

Buddha Footprint Trail Chiang MaiLong double track passing through farms on Doi Pui

Gees House Trail

Another classic Doi Pui downhill trail starting from near the summit of Doi Pui. From the drop off point there is a 4km ride to Baan Khun Chang Khian village, a picturesque place for a fresh coffee. If you’re feeling fit and have time take the detour to the Northern ridge for some stunning views and great riding along the mountain ridge before dropping down near the village. Gees House starts with a steep single track which has plenty of twists and turns and deep ruts. It then leads to lower Gees, which is a more gentle gradient but super fun flowy single track for several km before you finish near the convention center just outside Chiang Mai town.

Best MTB tracks in Chiang MaiThe North ridge of Doi Pui is a worthwhile sidetrip when riding Gee House

So there is our choice for best MTB tracks in Chiang Mai, feel free to email us if you know of a trail we haven’t mentioned and visit our Cycling in Thailand page for information about trails and cycling companies in Thailand.