Looking for Things to do in Thailand? Try a 1 Day Zipline Tour in Bangkok

Myself and my girlfriend had some time to kill on a recent weekend so we shopped around some travel agents looking for some ideas for things to do in Thailand and thought it was high time we went on a zipline trip to Chonburi, something we had discussed for some time. Being only just over an hour from Bangkok it was ideal for a half day trip and ziplining is something neither of us had tried in Thailand.

The van left from Sukhumvit Soi 1 at 6am and we were soon leaving Eastern Bangkok on the highway towards Chonburi province and the Chompoo Wildlife sanctuary where Flight of the Gibbon is located. Just over an hour later we had arrived and were relaxing at the restaurant overlooking the beautiful lake and surrounded by dense jungle, amazing that in such little time we had swapped the noise and pollution of Bangkok for this! After a quick briefing we were assigned groups and headed up to the start of the zipline adventure tour where the sky rangers kitted us out and gave us a further safety briefing. The first couple of ziplines were relatively easy and gentle to get us into the rhythm. This helped my girlfriend get a bit of confidence for the next ziplines which were much higher, longer and faster!

Zipline Near Bangkok

The scenery was fantastic, with the early morning sunshine radiating off the jungle canopy and the ziplining itself was great too. There were a couple of sky-bridges and abseiling platforms to mix it up a bit and the number of ziplines was just right. The longest zipline was 300m and is apparently the highest in Asia. As we landing on the highest platform the sheer scale of the height did hit everyone as we would see out into the distance perched much higher than the surrounding trees. The final zipline was the longest which was great fun and before long we were abseiling down to the starting point where we gathered our breaths and said our goodbyes to the sky-rangers who were highly professional and enthusiastic throughout the trip.

We headed down to the restaurant for a spot of lunch before we were taken on a quick trip around Khao Kheow open zoo. I am generally not a big fan of zoos but Khao Kheow does allow a lot more space it seems for animals and they all seem to be in good condition. After the zoo tour in Khao Kheow we were soon on our way back to Bangkok and arrived home at 1pm, time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day without being exhausted from the zipline tour in Chonburi.

Flight of the Gibbon Chonburi

For anyone looking for things to do in Thailand, Flight of the Gibbon is a great option. For pople in Bangkok it is a great chance to escape the city for a half day adrenaline buzz and an experience in tropical Thai rain forest. There are also zipline tours in Chiang Mai and Angkor Wat by Flight of the Gibbon, which we look forward to trying soon!