Bangkok Cycling Track at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Cycling enthusiasts in Bangkok had some good news recently with the opening of a new cycling track at Suvarnabhumi airport dedicated to bicycles only. For those living in the capitol it can be frustrating finding space to enjoy cycling, the most popular areas being the Bangkok Jungle and for mountain bikers unable to quench their thirst to go on a mountain biking day trip, Club 11 is a fun alternative located on Phahonyothin road. Some of the larger parks, in particular Rot Fai park in Ladprao welcome cyclists, however it is often crowded especially with young children running around so you always have to be aware of people around you. In order to satisfy the growing number of cycling fans, the Suvarnabhumi cycling track was opened and for now is a free means of exercising in a wide open area with no worry about biking into joggers, children or getting hit by a car and makes a welcome respite from the noise of the city.

Cycling at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Living in Ladprao, it was a bit of a journey across the city, taking the elevated highway towards Chonburi and exiting at Bangna Trad to head towards the airport on the Southern side. It is easy to find, from Bangna Trad there is only one main road heading to the airport and you follow that over bridge as you approach the perimeter of the airport and take an immediate left once you have crossed to enter the parking area. The parking area is sparse, there was a drinks seller but other than that there was just the security guard waiting to exchange my ID for a pass. Being 40 degrees I wasn’t expecting many people and I only saw one other ID on the wall so I had the entire track pretty much to myself so I set off on a lap taking it easy in the heat. I had read many reviews about how exposed the track was so I had stocked up with plenty of water and covered myself in my factor 110 before I left home. The track is one way so it is important people doing the circuit are prepared, especially during the day as the heat hits you at the half way mark.

Cycling Track in Bangkok

The North West section is perhaps the most interesting as you are closest to the planes coming in to land. An irrigation canal skirts the track to the right and the is a raised bank on the left of the track. Markings show you the progress every 250m with the total distance being just over 23.25km. There is little else of interest so the main reason to visit would be to do some circuit training or exercise if you live nearby but it makes for a change to cycle in this area of Bangkok.

Greenway at Bangkok Airport

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