Windsurfing on Boracay Island

Funboard Center Boracay provides the ultimate windsurfing and kiteboarding experience in Boracay in the Philippines. Discover the wide range of water sports Funboard Center Boracay has on offer and chill out at the beachfront restaurant. A wide number of windsurfing courses are available and all of the instructors at Funboard Center Boracay are IKO certified. Equipment can be rented by the hour, per day or per week – the choice is yours! If you are new to kiteboarding, a 2 hour discovery kiteboarding course is available, and should this not be enough you can complete the 3 day kiteboarding course in Boracay that would make you one step away from being an independent kiteboarder.

Windsurfing beginners and intermediate windsurfers prefer a good wind with a moderate swell. Bulabog offers such conditions which make it one of the best places for windsurfing in Asia. The water is hip deep, making conditions ideal for beginners and the water in the bay is the perfect playground. Visitors will find windsurfing on Boracay island to be a memorable experience.

The reef breaks the waves from the sea creating the perfect conditions in Bulabog lagoon. The more experienced windsurfers head into these waves, doing incredible tricks, jumps and stunts. Funboard Center Boracay replaces its windsurfing equipment on a regular basis, and has equipment for all conditions so when you try windsurfing on Boracay island you can be sure that everything is taken care of, allowing you to focus on windsurfing.

Funboard Center Boracay has been offering windsurfing on Boracay island since 2003 at Bulabog Beach. In 2009 Funboard Center extended the range of water sports with kiteboarding and SUP. For this purpose a new station was built on the Northern end of the beach, allowing guests to start directly from the center, even more reason to book windsurfing on Boracay island with Funboard Center Boracay!

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