ATV Chiang Mai

ATV in Chiang Mai with 8Adventures

8Adventures is a leading adventure tour operator based in Chiang Mai, providing a range of activities such as ATV in Chiang Mai. An ATV (sometimes referred to as a quad) tour allows visitors to see amazing places and scenic vistas that otherwise may have been impossible to reach, on a fun yet safe mode of transport. 8Adventures provides ATV’s with 100% automatic transmission with muffled exhausts to reduce noise. Along the way guests will learn about the flora and fauna as well as learn about the local village. 8Adventures partakes in “give back” programs and so you will learn more about their corporate social responsibility and how they help locals in the breathtaking Mae Taeng region.

About ATV Chiang Mai

ATV’s are generally safe for anyone aged 11 or upwards, guests under 11 will need to be accompanied by a guide and are required to be accompanied by an adult with authorization to sign a release form. Prior experience is not necessary as guests will get the chance to ride around the facility to determine the best track for your ability. Regardless of the track, they are all fun, beautiful and will make for an unforgettable experience.

Due to the sturdy nature of the ATV, the quad tours in Chiang Mai take place year round, of course 8Adventures will prepare for the rainy season but riding in the mud and rain can be especially fun! 8Adventures offers guided ATV tours starting from between an hour to 4 hours. The 4 hour ATV tour will take guests through the mountain top village, near the summit of Mount Pha Taek and with a climb of over 600 vertical metres. Upon arriving at the village, guests can enjoy stunning views, relax with some refreshments and then ride along the saddle of the mountain. After another ride through the jungle the climax of the tour is reached as 360 degree panoramic views can be enjoyed before heading back down to the 8Adventures HQ. A number of optional extras can be included, such as a 2 hour hike called the “Tip Top Package”, great for those wanting a workout in-between the quad tour.

How to book?

If you are interested in ATV Chiang Mai please fill in the quick enquiry form and a member of 8Adventures will get back to you shortly. Alternatively if you would like more information about amazing ATV and quad biking tours in Chiang Mai you can visit the 8Adventures website.  You can also see other activities by 8Adventures such as rafting in Chiang Mai.

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