Mountain Biking in Suphanburi

Exploring Suphanburi for Mountain Biking Trails

I recently went on a trip for some mountain biking in Suphanburi, and despite the province being generally flat I found a few hills on Google Earth and decided to check it out. Located just outside U Thong town near the border of Kanchanaburi is an interesting area for mountain biking in Suphanburi. I parked my car near a Chinese temple and set off to explore the surrounding hills which were no higher than 200m high but with some decent views of the surrounding area.

Suphanburi Cycling

The terrain was mixed with some bamboo groves, small forested areas and open areas which was used for grazing cattle, and there was evidence of cycling trails having been made in the past but generally the condition of the trails was pretty poor. The cattle trails also made it difficult to know which was the best route to take and so a lot of time was wasted backtracking and finding new routes.

Biking in Suphanburi

The trails were quite badly overgrown with thorny bushes too and so expect to get pretty scratched up if you decide to explore yourselves. Some trails were clear enough to get some decent runs in and they were flowy enough in places to enjoy it. With some maintenance there is potential for some good mountain biking in the area and potential for cycling in Suphanburi, however a lot of work would be needed to make the trip worthwhile from Bangkok. After a couple of hours I returned to the car and headed back to Bangkok, U Thong is just 2 hours from the capitol and so could potentially be a nice day trip to go mountain biking if the trail was more defined and a less overgrown.