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Thailand rock climbing can be enjoyed in many areas around the country and there are many rock climbing companies in Thailand offering you the chance to enjoy this thrilling activity.  As you'd expect from a country as geographically exciting and as adrenalin fuelled as Thailand, there is plenty of rock climbing to be found. The Thailand rock climbing scene has developed over the years and now has a large following.  Whether you are a complete beginner, a keen amateur or a professional, you will find amazing climbing opportunities for rock climbing in Thailand. And there really is nothing quite like pausing to gaze out at the breathtaking views once you have reached the top of your climb- especially knowing that getting down is easier than getting up!

There are some world renowned locations for Thailand rock climbing. Krabi is famous for its limestone cliffs rising spectacularly out of the ocean and has a flourishing climbing scene. Rock climbing in Railay in particular is out of this world, a climbing mecca, and Ton Sai is also phenomenal. And when you fancy a bit of relaxation, then take advantage of the gorgeous white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that surround both places. Amazing.

A slightly different climbing adventure might see you take to the mountains for some rock climbing in Chang Mai, northern Thailand. Here you can spend a few days or weeks trekking through awesome jungle, climbing various cliffs and crags, and just living for the climbing!  A quieter alternative to Chiang Mai is Chiang Rai, where more rock climbing areas are popping up.  Popular island destinations for climbing include Koh Tao, where giant granite rocks make for amazing climbing and bouldering experiences.  Climbing in Koh Tao is becoming increasingly popular amongst thrill seekers as Koh Tao establishes itself as one of the best islands in Thailand for a variety of action sports.

Are you a parent with kids who never leave the computer, playing space games and the like non-stop?  Most parents can relate to having a child who has to practically be reminded to eat and sleep whenever the latest and greatest Bigpoint space games come out.  But how do you get them to give the space games a break and do something that requires a bit more physical activity?  The answer is a trip to Thailand.  Not only will the sights and culture of Thailand give them a lifetime of memories, but there are more fund and exciting activities to do than Disney Land!  Rock climbing is one of Thailand's many incredible activities and although the pictures shown here may look pretty extreme to the novice, you can find climbing companies willing to create a trip for any age group and abillity.

If you are short of time but want a quick climbing fix, then there are numerous rock climbing walls located in Bangkok.

Wherever you decide to go rock climbing in Thailand, your experience will be absolutely unique, and will be something to take away from your holiday for ever.

View our rock climbing in Krabi blog and share your experiences with us!



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