Climbing Koh Tao

Amongst its many adventures on Koh Tao, Goodtime Adventure offers rock climbing on Koh Tao in a variety of locations to test your rock climbing skills.

Rock Climbing Courses on Koh Tao

The Koh Tao granite is excellent for training beginners as well as fine tuning any climbers technique, from half day intros to 6 day packages. Goodtime Adventures offer courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced climbers

Rock Climbing Guides

For existing rock climbers we offer a guide service, taking you to the best rock climbing spots on Koh Tao accompanied by one of our experienced climbing guides.

Bouldering on Koh Tao

To us, bouldering is all about finding that perfect problem on that perfect day and sharing it with all our friends. We choose to explore, travel, and meet new climbers, all while exploring the granite domes that sprout from the jungle all across this tiny island. To do as many problems as you can or grind away all day on your gem of choice, is really what its all about.

Climbing in Koh Tao is always done on granite and as such the bolting procedures on Koh Tao are different to the limestone elsewhere. We do not use glue in bolts, substandard concrete bolts or slings. We use PETZL 12mm climbing bolts and hangers on solid tested granite. We maintain 3 point top rope anchors and every single bolt date is recorded on a database and checked yearly.

Our climbing equipment is checked periodically and ropes especially are constantly being replaced to ensure maximum safety along with carabineers that become worn due to the harsh environments and all other safety related equipment.

Please visit for more information about rock climbing on Koh Tao.

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Koh Nangyuan is a beautiful group of 3 rocky islands connected by white sandy beaches. Koh Nangyuan is considered a must when visiting Thailand and Koh Tao. Well known for the snorkelling just off the beach and scuba diving, for those wanting a little more adventure can try Island 2 Island! Goodtime Adventure has recently joined up with Koh Nangyuan to create a zip line between the islands – the first of it’s kind in the world! For more information visit

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