Wild Wake

Wakeboarding in Phuket with Wild Wake

Wild Wake is a wakesports facility located in the Royal Phuket Marina, on the East coast of Phuket. The calm waters of the East coast and the Phang Nga bay offers perfect conditions for wakeboarding in Phuket as well as kneeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing.

Wild Wake aims to offer a fun for all, safe and ego free wakesport experience and whether you’ve never tried wakeboarding, have mastered the basics or a full blown trick master, Wild Wake’s brand new Moomba Mojo 2016 wakesport boat will ensure everyone has a great time. The Moomba Mojo has 2500 lbs of water fillable ballast to enable the perfect wake to be created for wakeboarding, wakesurfing or whatever wake sport you wish to try. There is space for up to 15 people, however Wild Wake recommend groups of 10 or less for more comfort.

The boat is also equipped with the Surf Edition package which includes the Moomba Autoflow system to enable even larger surf waves to be formed behind the boat for riders wanting to try wakesurfing. A GPS cruise control system ensures that all riders get the exact speed that they want while riding the wake or waves and the Moomba wakeplate system ensures the wake is fine tunable to different rider’s preferences.

As if that wasn’t enough Wild Wake’s Moomba Mojo is also fitted with a monster aftermarket Exile Audio system to make sure riders and passengers can enjoy their session while listening to their favourite tunes. Wild Wake guarantees that whether you are looking for the biggest wake, longest wave or ultimate comfort aboard, our brand new Moomba Mojo will not disappoint!

Packages and Prices

Wild Wake offers a range of packages to be as flexible as possible for your needs. If you’re looking to try wakeboarding in Phuket but are short on time you can try a 15 minute set for 1,500 THB for example. Alternatively, if you’re part of a large group you can charter the boat for 2 hours for 11,000 THB which includes all equipment and soft drinks. If this isn’t enough then the boat is available for charter for 4 hour and 8 hour sessions for 20,000 THB and 32,000 THB respectively.

To book a session you can call +66 62 720 9596 or visit Wild Wake directly. If you would like a member of Wild Wake to get back to you, you can also fill in the quick enquiry form above. Book your wakeboarding in Phuket session today!

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