Blue Ringed Octopus

5 Exotic Creatures to Watch Out For During Water Sports

5 Exotic Creatures to Watch Out For During Water Sports

Wakeboarding, surfing, waterskiing – there are loads of water sports for you to get involved in. But there are also some exotic creatures lurking in the sea you should be aware of. After all, it’s their home. You’re only visiting – so treat them with care.

Sea urchins

If you’re snorkelling around coral reefs, you’ll be on the lookout for a variety of colourful fish. But you’re also at risk of hurting yourself on sea urchins.

Whilst they’re not poisonous (unlike some of the others on this list), if you get one of their black spikes stuck in your foot – or anywhere else for that matter – you’re going to be out of action for quite a while and it will need disinfecting.

Thailand DivingSea urchins are not poisonous but certainly painful if stepped on


There are loads of different jellyfish around the world – some more harmful than others. The Irukandji jellyfish, for example, has venom that can be 1,000 times more powerful than that of the cobra. They’re found in parts of Australia from November to March.

On the other hand, the cannonball jellyfish is mostly harmless. In Japan, it’s actually considered a delicacy – if you know how to prepare it properly. Buzzfeed tried it and described the flavour similar to: “if a squid mated with a cucumber.”

Blue-ringed octopus

You might actually be drawn to the blue-ringed octopus because of its intriguing colours. But, as the Australian Beach Safety Guide warns, these majestic creatures can be deadly. Their bite may be painless but CTI warn: “numbness of the mouth, feelings of weakness and difficulty breathing can occur rapidly in victims.” Looks are deceiving.

OctopusThe Blue Ringed Octopus can be deadly

Wobblegong sharks

Also known as carpet sharks, wobblegongs are bottom-dwelling sharks who mostly remain camouflaged against the sand. Unfortunately, because they’re mainly found in shallow waters, people can step on them and end up with a nasty bite. They’re lazy though and there are few unprovoked attacks.

You can find different types of wobblegong sharks in Australia, Indonesia and Japan. Raja Ampat, “also known as the richest place for marine life on Earth”, is a great diving spot to see the sharks in their natural habitat – along with loads of other weird underwater creatures.


Turtles are the reason a lot of people go snorkelling and diving – they’re amazing creatures and to swim nearby one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unfortunately, a lot of the turtles in South East Asia are endangered (you can find out more here) because of illegal trade. So if you’re lucky enough to spot a turtle, make sure you check out the local conservation efforts too.

Sea TurtleMany species of turtle are endangered

Have you encountered any of these exotic sea creatures? Let us know.