Join a Yoga, Windsurf and Kiteboarding Camp at Funboard Center Boracay

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  • October 1st, 2015


Dan Wallace, Founder
Action Sport Asia

Join a Yoga, Windsurf and Kiteboarding Camp at Funboard Center Boracay

Leading kiteboarding and windsurfing camp, Funboard Center Boracay will be hosting their next yoga camp in November 2015.

The yoga camp allows guests to combine kiteboarding or windsurfing with daily yoga classes, and includes accommodation on the idyllic island of Boracay. There are a number of options to choose from to allow for maximum flexibility.

YOGA CAMP + + € 880
This full package applies for 1 person and is valid for one week incl. accommodation in Reef Retreat, kite-or windsurfing courses or rental, and daily Yoga classes. This is the perfect option if you like to stay active the whole week of your holidays.

You can choose between an 9hr beginner kite-or windsurf course including equipment for the entire week. All advanced kiteboarders and windsurfers can convert the 9hr course to a full week equipment-rental if instruction is not required. This offer is excluding Yoga classes.

Funboard Center Boracay welcomes guests who do not want to participate in watersports. Guests who sign up to the yoga package can choose between a morning and late afternoon class. Previous knowledge in Yoga is not necessary!

Full power morning class:
Starting at 08:00: Start the day with dynamic power-yoga to awaken the body & mind and to promote circulation. Once prepared and warmed up the group will be ready for the first kite or windsurf lesson and avoid any sore or pulled muscles.

Depower evening class:
Starting at 16:00: After a long day on the water Funboard Center Boracay will focus on stretching and relaxation in our afternoon class. This yoga class will relieve stress and tension in all stiff muscles and calm down your mind. Ready for the sun-set?

The yoga classes are taught in turn by 2 experienced Yoga teachers. Simone has more than 10 years working as a windsurf and kitesurf instructor at Funboard Center Boracay and has honed her yoga technique to help improve balance for watersports.

Markus discovered the benefits of Yoga in 2000 alongside the Tibetan healing movements, he received his teaching certificate in 2009 and since he has been teaching yoga on the island of Boracay. Markus combines perfectly matched yoga poses to a harmonious and flowing sequence of movements. Markus teaches the yoga classes Meditation in Motion.

The finale of the Camp is the sunset cruise for the group around the island with traditional Philippine BBQ at White Beach. A sun-set dinner (exclusive) at Diniwid Beach, SUP-Excursion, Nature-day-trips or Island Hopping will make your stay perfect.

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