Thai Eco Solutions – Trekking in Northern Thailand

Trekking in Northern Thailand

Thai Eco Solutions offers customized trekking tours in Chiang Mai for individuals, groups, schools and universities, exploring a variety of regions in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand.

All tours are accompanied by local English speaking tour guides who have intimate knowledge about a variety of offbeat destinations and emphasis is on reducing environmental impact as well as learning about the flora and fauna.  Thai Eco Solutions works closely with national parks and tours offer a unique insight into the daily lives of the national park staff.

About Trekking in Northern Thailand

Home to the largest mountain in Thailand (Doi Inthanon) as well as numerous other mountains, jungles and waterfalls, Chiang Mai serves as the perfect base for trekking in Northern Thailand and is considered the epicenter for adventure seekers in Thailand.

How to Choose Where to Go?

Firstly consider how long you want to hike for, whether its half a day, full day or multi day there is plenty in the region to enjoy and explore.  Most mountains are within 1-2 hours from the city center with off the beaten track areas in the region of 3 hours from the city.  It’s important to organize in advance as national park restrictions are in place for certain times of year and certain treks such as Chiang Dao are in high demand and need to be booked at least 1 year in advance.

Why Choose Thai Eco Solutions for trekking in Chiang Mai?

Thai Eco Solutions trekking tours in Chiang Mai are designed to make the experience as convenient as possible, with all equipment, gear and food provided to the highest standards. Whilst most equipment is provided, Thai Eco Solutions recommend that guests bring good quality shoes or lightweight trekking boots, T-shirts, socks, towels, mosquito repellent, sun cream, a long sleeve sweater and comfortable pants.

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