Dirt Bike Tours in Pattaya

Enduro Madness is a dirt bike tour company offering guided dirt bike tours in Pattaya and around the Eastern Seaboard. The Enduro Madness tours cover a range of terrains, from dirt roads, sandy trails, jungle trails, hill side tracks, through farms, streams waterfalls and more and caters for beginners to advanced with a range of tours, including custom motorbiking tours upon request.

Enduro Madness offers 6 dirt bike tours in Pattaya. For guests on a tight schedule Enduro Madness offer a 3 hour tour, and for those with the time, Enduro Madness offer a 8 day/8 night dirt bike tour for visitors wanting to do as much dirt biking as they can! We also cater for all standards of motorbiking so whether you are new to the sport or whether you have years of experience, Enduro Madness can cater to your needs.

Enduro Madness provide a range of motorbikes depending on the ability of each group member. The main bikes we use are Kawasaki KLX 250cc, which are great all round motorbikes. Enduro Madness also stock a KLX 140 which has less power and is lower to the ground which is good for those with less confidence who feel the need to put their foot down to the ground quickly.

Guests will also be provided with full quality off-road enduro clothing, boots, knee and elbow guards, kidney belt, helmet, gloves and goggles. Depending on the tour, guests will also have lunch provided, and two tour guides throughout the tour and a 4×4 on standby. For the multi day dirt biking tours in Pattaya, accommodation is also included at the Lake Mapbrachan Resort Thailand in Pattaya, which includes all amenities one could hope for, including swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, pool/snooker room, a gym, cinema, massage parlour and more. Enduro Madness is a Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) licensed company and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you would like to contact Enduro Madness for more information or bookings please fill in the form.

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