Mae Surin Waterfall

5 of the Best Waterfalls in Thailand

5 of the Best Waterfalls in Thailand

There is an abundance of amazing waterfalls in Thailand, many of which are well documented and heavily promoted – for good reason, whilst others may not get any attention at all but are no less impressive. These are my pick for 5 of the best waterfalls in Thailand based on first hand experience.

1. Mae Ya Waterfall
This idyllic waterfall is located an hour outside of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, situated in Doi Inthanon National Park. The waterfall is about 30m wide at the base and about 40m high (for some reason other blogs state the height at 260m!) Mae Ya is fantastic for photo opportunities, with the water cascading over layers of rocks and vegetation covered rocks. Mae Ya can be popular on weekends and public holidays but is far less visited than other waterfalls in Doi Inthanon National Park, mainly because its not on the main road through the park. During my last visit I had the falls all to myself. Check out the drone footage below.

2. Thi Lo Su Waterfall

Perhaps the prettiest waterfall on this list and the biggest in terms of volume of water, Thi Lo Su is located in Tak province, about 6 hours from North West of Bangkok. Thi Lo Su is not easy to get to and for my visit consisted of a bus journey, 4×4, rafting trip and camping near the falls which made the experience all the more special. Despite the difficulty in reaching Thi Lo Su is is popular, especially among Thais. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Thailand.

Thi Lo Su WaterfallThi Lo Su Waterfall

3. Mae Surin Waterfall
This spectacular waterfall is located in the Mae Surin National Park in Mae Hong Son province and considered to be the highest waterfall in Thailand at 80m. It is a long drive to get to Mae Surin waterfall and thus it attracts far fewer visitors than other waterfalls in Thailand. It is surrounded by huge mountains and dramatic cliffs which make it look very dramatic. There is a campsite in the park and during my last visit we were the only ones camping and we didn’t see a tourist for the entire time – perfect! There is a trail from the viewpoint at the headquarters that leads down to the foot of the falls, however I didn’t attempt this as it was the wet season and its not recommended during this time.

4. Erawan Waterfall

Mentioning Erawan waterfall is perhaps mandatory on every blog about the best waterfalls in Thailand and for good reason. Despite being incredibly touristy, Erawan still retains a certain charm and its alluring emerald green water is perfect for cooling off in. The waterfall consists of 7 tiers, each with its own unique character and the hike to see all 7 is well worth the effort. Many of the pools have large fish that nibble on your skin which tends to freak people out and often puts people off swimming in the pools. There are usually hoards of people picknicking on the banks, however the park is well managed and kept in good condition despite the number of visitors. Erawan waterfall is only 3 hours from Bangkok, located in Kanchanaburi province which adds to the popularity of the area.

Erawan WaterfallErawan Waterfall

5. Haew Narok Waterfall
It took me a while to decide on my last choice but in the end Haew Narok in Khao Yai National Park just pipped it. This is the largest waterfall in the park and said to be 150m tall including all tiers, however the waterfall you see at the viewpoint is approx 50m in height and still mightily impressive. A short nature trail takes you through the forest to a single viewpoint so there is little else to do in the area other than to take a few photos and enjoy the walk but its a must see when visiting Khao Yai, which is located 3 hours East of Bangkok in Nakhon Nayok province.

Haew Narok WaterfallHaew Narok Waterfall

So there is my pick for 5 of the best waterfalls in Thailand, let us know what you think in the comments below!