Action Sport Asia was born from a desire to exploit the incredible opportunities for adventure sports in Thailand. We promote a number companies whom offer a range of activities, whether you are looking to go wakeboarding in Thailand, Thai boxing in Pattaya or looking to go cycling in Thailand, our directory of partners will assure you will find the activity you are looking for.

Action Sport Asia is the brainchild of a group of friends and sports enthusiasts living in Thailand. We have experienced and enjoyed the huge amount of activities on offer, but spotted a gap in the availability of information in one comprehensive website. Action Sport Asia aims to fill that gap, giving you advice, information and tips for all adventure sports in Thailand. Not sure what you are looking for? Contact us for your adventure sports enquiry today!


Thai Boxing Pattaya Image

Muay Thai International Club

Muay Thai school located in the heart of Pattaya on Sukhumvit road.

San Kampaeng Muay Thai Image

Muay Thai Santai

Muay Thai Santai is a leading Thai boxing gym located in the quiet village of San Kampaeng, Chiang Mai.


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